Skully Staking

Holders have been venturing outside of The Graveyard now that their DSkullys have a Heart, Mind, and Soul. There is a buzz of hope that Disarticulation won’t last forever and Articulation is on the horizon. Before that can happen Skull Token needs to be earned through Skully Staking.

Skull Token

Deployment of our native token is complete and you can earn it by staking NFTs in our collection. There will be micro and macro utilities for this token. You will be able to use SKULL to buy raffle tickets, place bids on auctioned assets, buy merch, and more. Our team will not be creating a liquidity pool for SKULL at this point in time but as we roll out some of the macro utilities a liquidity pool will be a necessity.

Total Supply: 55,555,555
Token Name: Skull Token
Symbol: SKULL
Token Address: HARZxFoqt19wJMVXzGX1MBv1bqNVhTdZVJraDWmzYqGS
Link To Solscan:

10,000,000 SKULL has been sent to the DSkullys Staking Pool
1,000,000 SKULL has been sent to the Heart Staking Pool
2,000,000 SKULL has been sent to the Mind Staking Pool
3,000,000 SKULL has been sent to the Soul Staking Pool

Overview Of Skully Staking

Skully Staking consists of four separate SKULL pools, one for each of our collections. This is a “step-up” staking system. To stake your Heart, you must have a DSkully staked. To stake your Mind, you must have your DSkully and Heart staked. To stake your Soul, you must have your DSkully, Heart, and Mind staked. The amount of Heart, Mind, and Soul you can stake depends on how many DSkullys you have staked at the time.

Eg: If you have 2 DSkullys staked you can stake up to 2 Heart, 2 Mind, and 2 Soul.


Currently, all four NFT collections in our ecosystem will earn you SKULL. Each collection will yield you a different amount of SKULL per day.

Base Rewards:
DSkullys — 5.0 SKULL/Day
Heart — 0.5 SKULL/Day
Mind — 1.0 SKULL/Day
Soul — 1.5 SKULL/Day

Locking Period And Reward Increases

Skully Staking has a default locking period of 30 days. This means you will not be able to unstake your assets for 30 days. After the 30-day period is up and you continue to leave your NFTs staked your base rewards will start to increase after 90 total days staked and again after 180 total days staked.

90 Days Staked — Base Rewards x 1.1 (10% Increase From Base Rewards)
180 Days Staked — Base Rewards x 1.15 (15% Increase From Base Rewards)


Users will have to register as a staker to use the Skully Staking system. The registration fee is 0.032 SOL.

Users will be charged a rent fee for each NFT staked. The rent fee is 0.00393 SOL per NFT staked. When users unstake their NFTs the 0.00393 SOL per NFT will be returned to them.

Please note the Solana Network Fee of <0.00001 SOL is not factored into the fees mentioned above.

The Future

Updates to our original roadmap are currently being made so holders can see what our team envisions. We feel the change in our community’s atmosphere as our current holders’ bond grows stronger. Bringing new variables into this equation causing value creation and network growth, while sticking to our bottom-up mindset, will ultimately propel our ecosystem further. This truly is just the beginning.

Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards.

Be Like Water My Friends



The future of Disarticulated Skullys is bright.

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