DSkullys DAO Voting System

Disarticulated Skullys
4 min readMay 3, 2022


Over the last couple of days, our dev team has been testing the Solluminati DAO Tool Suite. We have been running some test voting and making sure the power of voting is distributed accurately. So far so good. We have decided to move forward with this voting system officially. The spirit of decentralization runs rampant throughout The Graveyard as we give power to our holders.

Life is made up of a series of decisions. Whether you make the correct decisions or not doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to keep moving forward. Later, when you look back, maybe you’ll find that the incorrect decisions you made, weren’t really incorrect. Similarly, the correct decisions, might not necessarily have been correct. Why dwell in the midths of frustration? Why proceed with fear, uncertainty, and doubt? In all things, resolution only comes from continuing to move forward. Following this line of reasoning, if there is no such thing as ‘incorrect,’ then how can the ‘correct’ exist? Similarly, if there is no ‘correct,’ then how can the ‘incorrect’ exist? Be Like Water

Distribution Of Voting Power

We have decided to go with a weighted voting policy. The power of voting is going to be distributed per NFT held, not per wallet holding.


Holder A holds 1 DSkully
Holder B holds 2 DSkully

Holder A votes against Holder B

Results would be 2–1 in the favour of Holder B

There is no cap on voting power so if you hold 20 DSkullys all 20 of those votes will be accounted for.

How To Obtain Skully Voter/Skully Whale Role

We have implemented two new roles on our server, Skully Voter and Skully Whale. Skully Voters will be able to participate in DAO voting. If you are holding 10 or more DSkullys you are eligible for the Skully Whale role. Skully Whales will have access to a private channel on our discord server called Skully Whale Chat. Whales can utilize this channel to propose ideas directly to our dev team that could later end up being something that the community votes on.

To obtain these new roles you will need to verify your holdings with Solluminati.

Link To Verify: https://dao.solluminati.io/disarticulatedskullys
We will also post the link to verify in ‘Holder-Announcements’ on our discord server.

Once you get to the verification page follow the steps below:

Click ‘Start’

You will be prompted to authorize the Solluminati Dao Tools application using your discord account.

Click ‘Connect’

Approve signature in your wallet

If done successfully the Skully Voter role will be automatically given to you on our discord server. If you are holding 10 or more DSkullys then you will be given the Skully Whale role as well granting you access to the Skully Whale Chat channel.

A Successful Verification Will Look Like This

How To Vote

When we hold community votes the link to access this voting portal will be posted on our discord server in ‘Holder-Announcements’ as well as our official Twitter account. To avoid malicious links please make sure you are accessing this link through these official avenues.

You will need to connect the wallet you hold your DSkullys in, choose an option, and cast your vote.

This transaction is free all it takes is a signature in the wallet.

The Importance Of A DAO Voting System

To some, this may be obvious but others may be confused about why this system is in place. Decentralization grants more autonomy or freedom to our holders. DAOs are an effective and safe way to work with like-minded people around the globe. Decisions are governed by proposals and voting, to ascertain that everyone in the organization has a voice. This helps our dev team do the work in the manner best suited for our community. Holders having the power to steer the vessel we are creating is super important to our team and we hope the power of voting is important to you all.

— Wop